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National SEO

National SEO is a variety of search engine optimization that is not 'geo-targeted'.  In other words your search terms (targeting your products or services) will rank on a national basis, not only in your hometown.

Local SEO

Local SEO is used by small businesses that have a specific service area radius from their business location.  For instance, your business may only accept customers within 75 miles of the home office.  Ranking a business locally is less competitive, typically, than a national SEO campaign.

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Franchise SEO

Franchises will frequently have a need to rank a number of locations locally in different cities and states.

Nationwide SEO Services

Are you wanting to get your website ranked high on all of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing for all of the services that you provide in your hometown (or countrywide), but you aren't sure how to get started? Or you possibly do know how to get started but are looking for the right fit.  Either way, HummingBird digital can help you achieve results that few others ever will.  Our proprietary techniques simply are not an extension, or improvement on, what others in the industry are already using.  There are some areas of overlap, but our proprietary techniques simply aren't being used.  Yes, you can read between the lines.

Should you be new to search engine optimization, and find various SEO lingo confusing, I am including some industry related information below in order to familiarize you with industry.  However, while all of the info below does apply to our process to some extent, it is not where we pull the majority of our successful rankings from.  Our proprietary IP is bar none the best in the industry.

Below is some information that will help a business owner that is new to SEO better understand much of the basics required for understanding basic related terminology and what it means to optimize your website in Google's eyes.

The story can start by exploring the method used by various search engines to both discover new websites, and then to start collecting data on those sites.  They use programs, or robots, that are typically referred to as bots or spiders for both discovery and then collecting data on your site.

These bots have a long list of data they collect from each.  The more specific, and clearly understandable, the data on your site is to Google, or other search engine, the easier it is for that engine to first categorize and then determine its quality for ranking purposes.  While Google's ability to understand images grows by the minute, the vast majority of information collected comes from written content (which can be embedded in images) such as your sites URL structure, page titles and information embedded in the content.  Well organized sites, with a clear consistent niche specific message have a head start in Googles eyes.  In addition, Google assesses links coming in from relevant websites around the web which have placed a vote of confidence in your site by linking to your site from theirs.  As this vote of confidence increases, so does Googles confidence in ranking your company's site.

In short, Search Engine Optimization is an interplay of fully optimizing the content on your website, to make the search engine's job of identifying your site as a prime candidate to rank for the specific search terms you are after, as well as attracting links from other sites around the web that are closely related to the business category you are in.  Ranking on page 1 for your target terms depends on a precisely executed interplay between these two components.

You can think of these areas as 'onsite' and 'offsite' SEO which work together to paint just the right picture in the Google mind to achieve what you are after - top rankings for targeted keywords and phrases related to your business.

Some components of 'On-Site SEO' involve your page titles, content, formatting (H tags) and meta-tags.  More importantly, Google has been requesting that website administrators utilize a form of markup called schema which helps Google disambiguate terms that are obvious for us, but much less so for computers to properly categorize.  Setting markup up properly is a huge step in the right direction.

Some basic components incorporating both on-page and off-page elements for a successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign therefore include:

The way your site is structured from your homepage down into important inner pages.
The content included on indexed pages in your site, the way your sites inner pages interlink between each other, page titles, headings, quality of text (bolded, underlined, etc) and higher quality content that makes for a high quality visitor experience.  Keywords and key phrases are embedded in this content.
Behind the scenes adding in properly thought out Schema markup which makes the basic most important factors on your site stand out more directly to Google.  This allows the bots to collect even more relevant data which allows a more precise understanding by the search engine, and more quickly.
Regarding off-page there are a number of ways to attract links from other websites such as news releases, video ads and other link building methods.
Properly informing Google that you have a business through Webmaster tools for instance.
These are just a few of the steps required to properly establish and business, and its website, in Googles eyes.

Mobile Optimization is important

Mobile friendly sites are designed to load fast, but more importantly they are setup so that they are user friendly on the small viewing screens of various mobile phones and tablets in addition to the typical computer screen.  Many businesses find that anywhere from 20-50% of the visitors viewing their sites do so from a mobile device.  These are not numbers that you want to ignore - more importantly they are not numbers that Google wants you to ignore.  Your SEO expert can help transform your site into a mobile responsive, visitor friendly site regardless of the viewers hardware.  If this essential step is skipped, your site will be at a significant disadvantage to your competitors sites.

Offsite SEO & Link Building

Google only reveals its search algorithms through patent information that it is required to file as it must to protect its own IP.  While the way patents are written are not easy for the lay person to interpret, we have a team that is very familiar with that language and deciphering the underlying meaning.  We have been very successful at determining what these patents are suggesting as the next steps toward successful SEO and you will benefit from this directly.  There are over two hundred ranking factors that determine a sites success in online search and both the number and quality of inbound links carry significant weight.  Off-site SEO utilizes strategies, and various techniques, for strengthening a websites authority online.  Having a solid link profile is an important component in your site's ability to achieve the rankings you are seeking and your SEO expert can help you achieve this.

Many sites have been severely damaged due to having low quality links targeting their site after Google updated its algorithms.  Many SEO's using these lower quality techniques simply left the business which only made this a better market for those of us using higher quality links and who were able to adapt to the changing environment.  Here are a number of safer baseline links that can be established for your site safely:

Search Engine Submissions
Directory Site Submissions
Social Bookmarking Sites
Marketing on social media posts
Social Media Marketing Site Links
Utilizing Classified ads
Business Rating Websites such as Yelp and others
Article submission sites
Blogging and Guest Posting
Local listings Services
App development
PPC campaigns
and many others
The quality of your incoming links is highly important in these more discerning times.  Algorithms are constantly changing and it is easy to identify a constant theme: high quality content both on-site and off-site.  The quality of your incoming links is highly important for current SEO success.  As the search algorithms have changed, they have continuously demanded higher quality and more niche related incoming links.  Consistency and quality wins the long race.

Building out a social presence, around your business, is more important than ever at this point.  It is important to fully build out your company's profile on the more important social media platforms.  Some of the key platforms that are essential are Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  You will, of course, also want to ad links from your site to all your social properties - as well as asking visitors to comment, share and like on your social accounts (re-pins, likes, tweets, shares and reviews).  This type of social engagement is valued in Googles eyes and it all helps your sites ability to rank which is essential for small business SEO.

High quality content plus alot of social engagement will be recognized by the search engines - and the longer visitors are engaged on your site the better.  Evidence of engagement lasting more that 3-4 minutes shows Google that you are providing what the visitors are looking for and it is rewarded.

In addition to SEO, social media marketing is another source of potential traffic & customers for your business.  However, working with your SEO expert is a primary task as higher rankings pay dividends well out into the future.  Paid advertising is great for generating immediate clients, but taking the time to hone your SEO is an equity building exercise that will generate new clients continuously.  With north of 3.5 billion searches on a daily basis, businesses can ill afford not making their presence known online.  Many businesses have found that pushing their rankings enabled them to move their business up into a new class altogether.

An investment in the best SEO available is an equity investment directly into your Brand.  Poor rankings is a reflection on the professionalism of your firm - without it, all that professional content on your site is lost in the web.  It's great to have a nice site essentially as an extension of the cards you hand out, but what a waste when you could be digitally handing out cards, even as you sleep, online.

We can simplify all the complexities of optimizing your website.  There are a number of factors involved in setting up an SEO functional website which enhandce the indexing and rapid ranking of a new, or existing site - domain name, url structures, high quality content and its titles, tags and categories, load times and then again the inbound link structures.  Interlinking the content on your site in specific ways can direct the search engines awareness in various ways which allow you to inject additional keywords/search phrases into those that Google is associating with your site.  Increasing the number of keywords that your site is associated with can significantly improve your businesses overall visibility online.  This can translate into a larger customer base if your business is properly handling incoming inquiries.

The above information is just scratching the surface of all the complexities involved in ranking your business website, but the right SEO professional can help simplify and streamline this process thereby paving the way for a steady increasing flow of new clients over time.
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